LANDFILL GAS COMPRESSOR BVG90 LOCATION: La Ciotat, FrancePOWER: 110 kWMAX FLOW RATE: 750 Nm³/h Landfill gas compressor installed in La Ciotat, France, since 2007.


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG155 LOCATION: Cavenago, ItalyPOWER: 75 kW eachINLET PRESSURE: 20-100 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 7.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE: 450Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10/40°C Landfill gas compressor for cogeneration plant, where two units BVG55 are installed in a single skid inside a sound-proof canopy including also a refrigeration dryer.These compressors supply seven Capstone microturbines CR65.


LANDFILL GAS PLANT BVG160 LOCATION: United KingdomPOWER: 200 kWINLET PRESSURE: 100 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 9.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0-504-1050 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/45°C Landfill gas compressor for biomethanization plant.Final destination is U.K.


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG250 LOCATION: United KingdomPOWER: 315 kWINLET PRESSURE: 27-200 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 15 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  920 -1421 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10/30°C Biogas compressor for a biomethanization plant in combination with a biogas upgrading system through membranes. Designed for classified Atex Zone 2, open frame, skid mounted into a container, complete with gas treatment system for oil removal.Final destination is U.K.… Continue reading BVG250-UK


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG37 LOCATION: SpainPOWER: 45 kWINLET PRESSURE: 500 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 6.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<220<350 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Biogas compressor to feed OPRA turbines for a power generation plant. Suitable for ATEX zone 2 and outdoor installation (weather proof).


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG7.5 LOCATION: ThailandPOWER: 7.5 kWINLET PRESSURE: 50 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 5.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<32<60 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Designed to pressurize a digester recirculation system. Weather proof canopy for outdoor installation, ATEX Zone 2.


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG37 LOCATION: La Vergne, FrancePOWER: 45 kWINLET PRESSURE: 50 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 6.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<180<318 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Full featured compression station designed to feed GEJENBACHER engines. Equipped with a complete gas treatment system for water, oil, and dust removal.


LANDFILL GAS COMPRESSOR BVG160 LOCATION: United KingdomPOWER: 200 kWINLET PRESSURE: 50-150 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 9.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<504<1050 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Biogas compressor to feed PSA system in a biomethanization plant. Designed for classified area ATEX Zone 2 and outdoor installation.


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG11 LOCATION: Bassano, ItalyPOWER: 15 kWINLET PRESSURE: 100 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 6.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<48<92 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Full featured biogas compression & treatment station designed to feed GE JENBACHER engines. Equipped with a complete gas treatment system for water, oil and dust removal.


BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG200x2 LOCATION: United KingdomPOWER: 250 kW x2INLET PRESSURE: 150-250 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 16-16.5 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  0<1400<2540 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40°C Biogas compression and treatment station, built into a container, to feed a membrane upgrading system, ATEX Zone 2, equipped with gas treatment system and heat recovery.

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