Hydrogen and Syngas package


Recently, is being more discussed how hydrogen can be used as a renewable and/or low-carbon energy source in applications like food industry, metal processing and production, power generation, pharmaceuticals and electronics.
Since there are several ways to produce it, such as conversion from natural gas, gasification, electrolysis and other new technologies, it is available and, depending on the application, must be compressed and processed to achieve a certain pressure and quality.
Adicomp designs and creates a complete ‘plug & play’ package after studying and selecting suitable materials and technologies to compress this particular type of gas.
Adicomp can implement a number of processes using filters and exchangers to remove the presence of contaminants. Designed according to the needs of its customers, Adicomp packages allow energy to be recovered in the form of heat and are both reliable and flexible in terms of maintenance.

Hydrogen and syngas compressor

Main features

Wide compression range


Inlet and/or outlet gas treatment system

gas treatment

Heat recovery for increased efficiency

heat recovery

Complete management and control of the system with PLC and HMI interface



Hydrogen & syngas

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