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In Earth’s atmosphere, carbon dioxide is found at an average concentration of 370 ppm. Due to the increasing consumption of fossil fuels over the past two centuries, this concentration has steadily increased, aggravating the greenhouse effect.
In accordance with the latest national and international regulations, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere should be reduced as much as possible. It can be stored and/or reused for other applications such as Agriculture, Food, Chemical Industries, Materials and Laser Cutting, Combustion, and Dry Ice.
Adicomp provides a complete ‘plug & play’ package that compresses and delivers carbon dioxide with characteristics and qualities that meet the requirements of various applications. Specifically, in the case of food-grade applications carbon dioxide, Adicomp ensures highly purified CO2 and the use of materials especially suited for this application.

co2 compressor

Main features

Wide compression range

Inlet and/or outlet gas treatment system

Heat recovery for increased efficiency

Complete management and control of the system with PLC and HMI interface


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