HYDROGEN & SYNGAS COMPRESSOR HVG90 LOCATION: FRANCEFLUID: SyngasPOWER INSTALLED: 110 kWINLET PRESSURE: 100 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 15 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<270<344 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10/+40 °C Screw compressor for syngas, with a content of 40% of hydrogen, destined for the French market. Designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for indoor installation. It is water cooled completed with electropneumatic by-pass valve and controlled… Continue reading HVG90-France

HVG series

HVG series These gas compression and treatment stations are designed into an easy handling skid composed of an oil-injected rotary gas screw block, directly coupled to an electric motor through a flexible or magnetic coupling controlled by an inverter. They are designed using suitable materials and technologies for compressing this particular type of gas. •… Continue reading HVG series


HYDROGEN COMPRESSOR HVG18.5 LOCATION: NETHERLANDSFLUID: HydrogenPOWER INSTALLED: 22 kWINLET PRESSURE: 0 bar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 10.5 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<43<85 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +3/+40 °C Screw compressor designed for hydrogen destined for the Dutch market. It is air cooled, designed for indoor installation, completed with fine oil removal, by-pass valve and controlled by PLC.

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