NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VGE9 LOCATION: UKFLUID: Natural GasPOWER INSTALLED: 3×11 kWINLET PRESSURE: 10 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 6 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<37<74 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10/+40 °C Screw natural gas compressors located in UK. Designed for classified Atex Zone 2 for outdoor installation, air-cooled, completed with expansion vessel for depressurization, oil removal and controlled by PLC. It… Continue reading VGE9-UK

BVG75-South Korea

BIOGAS COMPRESSOR BVG75 LOCATION: SOUTH KOREAFLUID: BiogasPOWER INSTALLED: 2x 110 kWINLET PRESSURE: 100 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 5.5 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<325<650 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -20/40 °C Two screw compressors for microturbines feeding located in a waste water treatment plant in South Korea. The compressors work in parallel and are designed in the same skid with a single post-compression treatment. They are designed for… Continue reading BVG75-South Korea

VGE7.5-South Korea

NATURAL GAS COMPRESSOR VGE7.5 LOCATION: South KoreaPOWER INSTALLED: 8.6 kWINLET PRESSURE: 10 mbar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: 5.2-6.0 bar(g)MAX FLOW RATE:  32-66 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +3/40°C Natural Gas compressors for cogeneration plant located in South Korea. The compressors are feeding C65 Capstone microturbines.

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