BIOGAS COMPRESSOR VG15 LOCATION: MEXICOFLUID: Dry natural gasPOWER INSTALLED: 15 kWINLET PRESSURE: 0.6-2 bar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 21 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<70<75 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -10/+40 °C Screw dry natural gas compressor installed in a hydrogen production plant in Mexico. Designed in compliance with north american standards, suitable for outdoor installation, air-cooled, completed with fine filtration, mechanical by-pass valve and controlled by S1-20.


HYDROGEN COMPRESSOR HVG18.5 LOCATION: NETHERLANDSFLUID: HydrogenPOWER INSTALLED: 22 kWINLET PRESSURE: 0 bar(g)WORKING PRESSURE: Up to 10.5 bar(g)FLOW RATE: 0<43<85 Nm³/hAMBIENT TEMPERATURE: +3/+40 °C Screw compressor designed for hydrogen destined for the Dutch market. It is air cooled, designed for indoor installation, completed with fine oil removal, by-pass valve and controlled by PLC.

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