An Italian story


ADICOMP was founded in 1998 as a company to produce standard oil injected air screw compressors for the Industry.

2001 e 2003

In 2001 ADICOMP enter in the compression of inflammable gas field producing the first natural gas compressor to feed Capstone microturbines and two years later also the first biogas compressor to feed Turbec microturbines.



In 2005 Adicomp made the first two stage oil injected screw air compressor package for 40 bar, oil free by catalytic converter specifically designed for PET industry.


In 2010 ADICOMP started the production of “big” compressors up to 200kW for feeding turbines and endothermic engines for power generation (Rolls Royce, MAN , Wartsila Waukesha, etc.).


In 2013 the Andreella family (Giovanni with Antonio and Cristina) decided to join the Termomeccanica Group, with the aim to strengthen the forces and continuing to grow the company, transforming it into a first level industrial reality in the air and gas compression world.



In 2015 ADICOMP started to produce oil free air compressor packages complete and adsorption dryers to produce instrument air for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation fields.


In 2015 Adicomp manufactured first piston compressor for gas grid injection up to 25 barg.
This product was added in the product line of biogas upgrading.


With hundreds of biogas plants installed in over 30 countries in the world, ADICOMP consolidates its leadership in this field of up-grading biogas compressors. (biomethanization).

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